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August 2017 Newsletter

What´s New at Savon

Quote Of The Month:  “You love flowers, but you cut them.  You love animals, but you eat them.  You tell me you love me…  Now I'm scared!” (Anonymous)

Congratulations To:

L. Zubrin of Thousand Oaks, California  Winner of our July early payment drawing for 1 free additional year of membership.

Congratulations to our winner and thank you to everyone that entered the drawing.

To Your Health With Jourdin Hendershot:


Chances are that you know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Did you know that August is National Breastfeeding Awareness month?

On August 6, 2011, the USBC (United States Breastfeeding Committee) officially declared that August is National Breastfeeding Month.  Also, the first week in August (1st Ė 7th) is World breastfeeding week, which is celebrated all over the globe to empower and encourage breastfeeding.

The decision to breastfeed is a personal choice and can come with very strong opinions from others.  Breastfeeding is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists because of the many benefits it supplies:
  • Breast fed babies have healthier digestive systems, less diarrhea and upset stomachs.

  • Breast milk contains all the nutrients the baby needs to grow and stay healthy.

  • Breastfeeding strengthens babyís immune system Ė helps protect against ear infections and bacterial/viral infections.

  • Breastfeeding helps with development of preemie babies.

  • Breastfeeding provides better mother and baby bonding time.
Below are some interesting facts about breastfeeding I found while doing research:
  • Breastfeeding in public is legal in 49 out of the 50 states.

  • Breastfeeding moms get about 45 extra minutes of sleep per night.

  • Breastfeeding rates among mothers 30+ are significantly higher than in younger moms.

  • Breastfeeding can save the family about $2,000 - $4,000 each year.

  • Producing breast milk consumes 25% of the bodyís energy.

  • 75% of moms produce more milk in the right breast, whether they are right or left handed.

  • Breastfeeding reduces the babyís risk of cavities in the future and they have a lower risk of needing braces as a kid.
Whether you decide to breastfeed or bottle-feed, donít ever let anyone make you feel bad about your decision.  You and your baby are unique and the decision regarding what is best for the two of you is up to YOU!

If you have questions you would like to discuss with Jourdin, feel free to drop her an email by clicking here.

The above health material is provided as an information service.  It should not be used for diagnostic purposes nor is it intended to take the place of the important relationship between you and your doctor.

Grandma's Kitchen With Grandma C.:

Mini Apple-Cream Cheese Pie Puffs

Grandma C.
  1. 1 pkg puff pastry squares, or if you prefer, 1 refrigerated pie crust, premade
  2. 1 lg. apple, peeled and diced
  3. 3 Tbsp melted butter
  4. 3 Tbsp soft cream cheese
  5. 2 tbsp brown sugar
  6. ¼ cup sugar
  7. ⅛ cup sugar (for separate use)
  8. 1 tsp cinnamon

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Line an oblong jelly roll pan with parchment paper.

Mix together sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon.  Add apples and toss to coat.  If using pie crust, use a pizza cutter to cut crust into 3 inch squares.

Brush each square (pastry or pie crust) with a small amount of melted butter.  Add ½ tsp cream cheese to each square.  Add 1-2 tsps of apple mixture to each square and fold over to make a triangle, pinching the sides together. (You can also press the sides together with a fork to seal.)

Brush more melted butter across the top of the pastry, then sprinkle with remaining sugar.  Poke once with a fork to vent.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown.  Allow to cool 10 minutes before serving.

These are the perfect size for dessert at a party!  Variations include cherry, blueberry or peach pie filling instead of apple.  The cream cheese adds a nice twist to this savory dessert!

Enjoy!  And remember, if it looks and smells good, eat it!!

If you have a recipe that you would like to share with Grandma C., drop her an email by clicking here.

Keeping Fit With Clayton "TR" Parker

Enhancing Your Workout - When To Increase Reps and Weight

Clayton (TR)
How many reps you can do and how much weight you apply is a great way to track your progress of your workout goals.  When you first start working out you want to start out with fewer, lighter weights and work your way up from there.  As you progress, you want to add more weight and reps to your set to keep the effectiveness of the workout.

That brings the question of when to add more weight and increase reps. Here are some guidelines to help you make that decision:

1.  Always increase your reps first.  Set the maximum number of reps you would like to attain with that weight and work your way up to it prior to adding weight.  For example, my maximum was 50 sit-ups with a 10lb medicine ball.  I started off with 10 reps and worked my way up from there over time.

2.  After each set you should feel like you actually started your work out.  If you donít the workout is ďtoo easyĒ, meaning your reps are too few or weight are too low and it is time to step it up a little.  If you have already maxed out your rep goal, then it is time to add more weight.

3.  After you increase the weight, then reset your reps back to where you started.  For example: once I got to 50 reps with the 10lb medicine ball, I increased the weight of the medicine ball to 12lbs. and started again with 10 reps.  I left my goal at 50 sit-ups so I can work back up to that.

4.  Go to the next weight up, donít try to go too heavy. You have gained your strength and reached your goals by staying consistent.  You have worked hard to get to the point where you can increase the weight.  Reward yourself by going to the next weight.  Donít try to go from lifting 60lbs to lifting 120lbs.  Stay consistent, move up to 70 or 80lbs, whatever you are comfortable with and work your way up from there.  Eventually you will work up to that 120lb goal.

So, to recap, when you have reached your rep goal with the weight you have and can do the reps with little trouble, then it is time to increase the weight.  This also goes for the treadmill, elliptical, stairs, bikes and other exercise equipment.  If the workout you are doing gets too easy and you have reached your goal with it, then increase the incline or speed to get back to that workout challenge.

Thatís the point of working out!  It goes way beyond a fit and healthy body, weight loss, injury rehab or training.  It challenges your body and your mind.  It instills self-discipline and commitment, teaches you to set goals and work hard to achieve them.  A rookie mountain climber who has a goal to climb Mt. Everest is not going to climb Mt. Everest to start off, they are going to start with a much smaller mountain and work their way up to it.  That is the same example that you should follow with your workout goals.

Until next time: Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong!

If you have questions you would like to discuss with Clayton, feel free to drop him an email by clicking here.

The above fitness material is provided as an information service.  Remember:  Always check with your doctor before starting any new type of exercise program.


Copper Star Dentistry

Dental Center
Our spotlight for August goes to the city of Peoria, Arizona and shines on Copper Star Dentistry

Dr. Paul Owens and the excellent staff at Copper Star Dentistry has been providing excellent care to our members since 2003.  The office is warm and inviting and the staff does it best to make sure that every patient's vist exceed their expectations.

The practice is located at 11001 N. 99th Ave Suite 113, Peoria Arizona.  The phone number is 623-583-7075.

Say thank you to your dental office for the excellent manner in which you are treated by nominating your dentist!

Fun Facts:

Crazy, Zany Facts We Bet You Didn't Know

  • Canada is an Indian word meaning "Big Village".

  • Columbia University is the second largest landowner in New York City, after the Catholic Church.

  • During your lifetime, you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food, that's the weight of about 6 elephants.

  • Lightning strikes about 6,000 times per minute on this planet.

  • Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different.

  • It takes a lobster approximately seven years to grow to be one pound.

  • Most Americans' car horns beep in the key of F.

  • Research indicates that mosquitoes are attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas.
Come back for more in next months issue!

Dental Talk - A Member Blog Forum:

Come blog with us!  Dental Talk with Savon is a fun forum to post your interesting topics!  Your comments are welcome, itís free to use and no membership is required.

Some of the topics include;

These are just a few of the topics.  Our blog site contains many other interesting topics.  Please join us!!

Here’s Your Answer

Questions From Our Members

The question for August is one that we encounter on an almost daily basis. 

“Why am I receiving a renewal bill 2½ months before my plan expires, are you guys that hard up for money?”

Savon’s Answer

Well on the good note, Savon is not hard up for money!  When we start our renewal process, we use a series of 5 letters and 2 phone calls before we cancel a member for non-renewal.

2½ months prior to starting our normal monthly renewal process, we send out a pre-renewal offer.  Members that take advantage of this offer save us money and time, (less paper, postage and hours).

We pass a portion of these savings back to the member in the form of cash discounts, extra months of membership free and in some cases gifts like Redbox® movie rental vouchers.

This program has been very successful, saving Savon paper, postage, phone calls and saving you, our members money.  When you get the early renewal offer I suggest that you take advantage it.  It's a win, win situation for both of us.

Reflecting Back Over 25 Years With CEO Clayton Parker

The Missing Piece Of Savon

Gordon Parker
In July of 1992 Gordon Parker and I started Savon Dental Plan.  Many of our old time members may remember Gordon as the charismatic salesman that got them started with Savon.

The key to our success was the clear division of responsibilities between Gordon and me.  Gordon handled the sales force and I handled everything else.  We worked side by side up to 18 hours a day for many years.  We missed a lot of family events while we were building the company but we enjoyed every minute that we spent together.

On August 23rd 2008, Gordon passed away leaving a void that I knew would be hard to fill.  Over the past 9 years the Savon team has worked endlessly trying to fill the void.  As of this newsletter, I still have not found anyone with the marketing abilty that he had.  All other aspects of the business are functioning at peak performance, but marketing is still our biggest struggle.

Savon will go on and continue to be successful because we care about our members and providers and our members find a value in the plan.  Everyone has lost someone that is close to them, so I know most of you know exactly what I am saying.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and know that with his passing he is The Missing Piece Of Savon.

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